Male Pattern Baldness Treatment: Some Ideas

There are many men in the world who are currently struggling to find the perfect male pattern baldness treatment. Though male pattern hair loss is never a life-threatening condition and instead is just as cosmetic one, it is one condition that the male population is seriously concerned about. A big part about looks, appearance, or cosmesis, whatever one may call it, is that in this day and age it is very important for a lot of things. One’s appearance could directly or indirectly affect how one deals with issues regarding work opportunities, meeting new people and establishing relationships, and even dealing with one’s self esteem. It is for these very reasons that decades of research have been spent in an effort to develop hair loss treatments for this genetic condition known to many. Given advances in research and technology, is the ultimate male pattern baldness treatment some ideas. Read "women baldness few causes and tips"

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment: Seth’s Story

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment: Some Ideas
Seth Brundle (not his real name) is a musician, a guitarist, flutist, and singer. He has since performed with his band since he was 17 years old, performing in gigs around his hometown and elsewhere outside of the state. He had shoulder length hair, being one of the very assets he has tried to keep in good condition as the frontman of his band.

As soon as he hit the age of 22, he noticed his hair getting thinner, his hair line gradually receding, and a bald spot forming in a location around the back part of his head. Once it has become very noticeable, his hair loss has become the focus of certain jokes coming from both his fellow band members as well as a few of their loyal listeners. Being a young man in his 20s, the condition has affected his ability to interact with other people, especially with women. With his self esteem waning, he is now in the process of trying a variety of baldness treatment. With hair being an important aspect of looking good, an aspect of life that is of significant importance to a young man like Seth, is there any hope of reversing male pattern baldness?

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment: Research Provides Some Answers

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment: Some Ideas
Researchers have found out two definite causes of hair loss in men, genetic and hormonal. Also known as androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness is largely genetically linked. This predisposition to hair loss, which can even begin in a very early age in some individuals, is exacerbated by hormonal factors. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a chemical compound that is produced as a conversion of testosterone by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase type II, is the main culprit in androgenic alopecia.

Hair loss treatments that were developed as a product of such research have the aim of interfering with the function of 5-alpha reductase type II in order to reverse male pattern hair loss. One particular drug that does that specifically is finasteride, which is also known under the brand name Propecia. Finasteride had proven itself to be effective; however, it was not a perfect solution as some people who have been prescribed the medication have reported side effects, the most embarrassing of which are sexual side effects like impotence or diminished libido, side effects that for some completely defeats the purpose of attempts to reverse male pattern baldness. Read "tips for hair growth best for men and women"

In response to the side effects brought about by finasteride, some enterprising pharmaceutical companies have provided “natural” alternatives such saw palmetto and stinging nettle preparations, and vitamin and mineral supplements since some scientists had thought that certain vitamin deficiencies such as biotin and pyridoxine deficiencies are responsible for hair loss. The lack of scientific evidence, however, to support these “natural” baldness solutions appear to place doubt in some individuals seeking treatment.

There is also the tried and tested topical minoxidil hair loss treatment method that demonstrates hair regrowth in users. However, once the medication is stopped, the effects wear off too.

Transplants and Hair Follicle Multiplication: Seemingly Long-Lasting Solutions

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment: Some Ideas
Hair follicle transplants and multiplication methods performed by hair transplant surgical experts appear to be more permanent treatment for male pattern baldness. The newer hair follicle multiplication methods appear to be much more desirable as they make use of cells coming from the patient itself and therefore eliminates the possibility of transplant rejection. These methods, however, will still fail if the hormonal component of male pattern hair loss is not addressed. Read "find hair loss shampoo right for you"

Due to the various pros and cons with regard to various approaches regarding the treatment of hair loss, it seems to be that the perfect approach is individualized treatment that would involve more than one method. The best course of action in that regard is to seek the advice of a medical practitioner in order to avail of the appropriate plan or course of action. The fact is that most of the treatment methods available still have imperfections but it appears to be that the search for the ultimate male pattern baldness treatment may become within reach as soon as contemporary scientific research advances.

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