Female Hair Loss: Homeopathic Help for Female Hair Loss

If you are seeking homeopathic help for female hair loss, you should know that hair loss is not just a local disorder.

Hair loss is a deep-rooted problem. Topical medication and hair tonics often don't do any good because they are not treating the root cause of the problem. It can often be a result of something else happening in the body, such as a hormonal imbalance, stress or a nutritional deficiency. This is why special shampoos and hair loss creams and lotions often have little or no effect on the problem itself. Read "vitamins to help hair loss in women"

What is Homeopathy?

Female Hair Loss: Homeopathic Help for Female Hair Loss
Homeopathic female hair loss offers treatments which are long-lasting rather than just treating the problem temporarily. Homeopathy uses remedies to treat the symptoms rather than the prescribed condition. Homeopathic treatments are constitutional, which means there is a deeper level of healing and recovery and these treatments are harmless and non-toxic. They don't have side effects like drugs and some herbal remedies. When the right homeopathic remedy is taken, the results are usually permanent. Homeopathy is also holistic which means it treats the cause rather than the symptoms, so the symptoms will not recur once the cause is dealt with. It works in harmony with the immune system, unlike conventional medicines. Read "find hair loss shampoo right for you"

Remedies That Work on Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss: Homeopathic Help for Female Hair Loss
There are about twenty different homeopathic remedies for female hair loss and the right one for you depends on the cause behind your hair loss. If thyroid disease is the reason behind your hair loss, you will need a different remedy than someone who is losing hair because of the menopause, for example. When you visit a homeopathic practitioner, you will need to answer a few questions about your hair loss,

     • Such as how long it has been a problem,
     • How much hair you are losing,
     • Remedies you have already tried and what seems to make it better or worse.
     • You will also be asked about your general physical and mental state,
     • Your stress levels,
     • Medical history and personal circumstances, because all of these can affect your physical state and can also contribute to hair loss. The outside of the body often reflects what is happening on the inside.

Homeopathic remedies are made from
     • Herbs,
     • Vegetables,
     • Minerals,
     • Chemicals and tiny amounts of animal products.
The homeopathic help for female hair loss which is best for you will be administered in very small doses. These doses will work with the body to stimulate the hair growth process. It does, however, take time before you will notice results since hair grows slowly. You will need to take the homeopathic treatment for several months. You should be able to see results after four months or so.

Homeopathic Help for Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss: Homeopathic Help for Female Hair Loss
Many homeopaths believe that detoxifying your body can also have a positive impact on female hair loss causes. Keeping away from smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs is a good start. There are, however,
     • Toxins all around us,
     • Including second-hand cigarette smoke,
     • Pesticides,
     • Chlorine,
     • Traffic exhaust fumes,
     • Germs in the air and certain cosmetics.
These can all place a large load on our metabolic systems and cause health deterioration, which can result in hair loss. It is impossible to avoid all toxins but we can try to avoid as many as possible. Read "reason for eyebrow hair loss in women"


Many people who have tried homeopathic help for female hair loss report that it has worked for them. But it does not work for everybody. It depends on the cause behind your hair loss problem. If you are worried about female hair loss and have not tried homeopathy, perhaps you should give it a go. Many people find that it works very well. Thank you for reading. Please like our Facebook page and share this article at social media networks.

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