Women Baldness - Few Causes and Tips

It has been called our crowning glory, our covering, our crown of beauty, and other such names. We try to keep it clean, blow-dry it straight, curl it with a curling iron, spray it, defrizz it, volumize it, and then spray it down for good measure. What is the “it” that we speak of here? I am speaking of our hair, of course. But what about when it starts falling out, or when we suffer from women baldness. Are there any options, why is this happening, will it never stop, and what exactly causes women’s baldness? Let’s take a look at a few causes, and tips for dealing with this issue.

Causes Of Women Baldness

Women Baldness - Few Causes and Tips

Of course, we know that hair grows in cycles, the first of which is anagen, which is when the hair is growing, then comes the catagen, when the hair is resting, sitting on our heads, and finally, telogen when the hair falls out. However, women baldness might be a sign of a deeper problem, other than just the telogen cycle working over time. There are many different reasons, that women can go bald. For example, if you are battling a disease such as cancer, or thyroid dysfunction, your hair can get thin, or even fall out. There are also medications, and other conditions such as malnutrition, stress, pregnancy, and menopause that can also affect what your hair does. It is the general consensus that hair loss in women, is caused by the aforementioned conditions, and by the overproduction of certain male hormones, that are usually only present in women’s bodies in a small amount.

What Are The Possible Treatments for a bald woman

Women Baldness - Few Causes and Tips

There are also many different treatments, that advertisers say will cure bald-headed women. Some of these treatments or medicines might actually work, but having so many options is confusing. The first thing that you should do, when you notice that your hair is falling out, makes an appointment with your doctor. He or she will be able to examine you and run the necessary tests, to see what exactly is going on inside your body, that could possibly be causing this problem. There are a few other things that you might try as well, like Rogaine for women, which works by blocking the amount of those male chemicals, that are in our system. There are now also new, and better-looking hair transplant treatments, and stylish wigs, if you wish to utilize these options.

A Few Common Myths about women hair loss

Women Baldness - Few Causes and Tips

There are a few common misconceptions that abound, such as the thought that dying our hair will cause it to fall out. Or that using a certain shampoo, or eating a poor diet will also lead to women baldness. While these statements are not true, there are still widely circulated, leading you to believe that if you just stopped these behaviors, your hair loss or baldness would automatically reverse itself.

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The simplest way to get tips and help, for women baldness is by talking to your doctor today.

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