Eyebrow Hair Loss - Reason for Eyebrow Hair Loss

Having eyebrow hair loss , changes the entire appearance of your face. If you’re a woman, you can draw on eyebrows with a pencil and, even if the look is a bit outdated, it serves its purpose. For men, the options are more limited. While it seems painful to experience losing eyebrow hair, it’s actually a good thing. Eyebrow hair loss is an indication that something is wrong with your body. It gives you a heads up to investigate the problem.

Eyebrow hair loss causes

Eyebrow Hair Loss - Reason for Eyebrow Hair Loss

There are many causes of thinning eyebrows. Some are obvious, like chemotherapy, which causes temporary hair loss. Other causes include endocrine disease or imbalance, fungus infections, diseases like Hansen’s Disease or tertiary syphilis, some forms of cancer, dermatitis, medication, heavy metal poisoning, autoimmune disease and Androgenic Alopecia to name a few. You need to find out what caused the eyebrow loss in the first place and treat the disease or condition.

You may experience eyebrow falling out when you’re first pregnant or if you use birth control pills. Any change in the endocrine balance affects the body. Thyroid disease, pregnancy and artificially altering the hormones through birth control pills do just that. Other medications like antihypertensives, antidepressant and seizure medication also cause eyebrow Shedding. Check with your doctor to find out whether you can change to another medication that doesn’t have this effect.

Tips on Regrowing Eyebrow Hair

Eyebrow Hair Loss - Reason for Eyebrow Hair Loss

When thinking about eyebrow hair growth your will need to find the condition that caused the loss. Once you find that and target its elimination, the next task is to focus on the empty spot above your eyes. Start with good nutrition. A diet that’s high in Vitamin A, C, B3 and E help stimulate growth. Take gelatin and keep a balance of healthy protein. Folic acid tablets also encourage the development of eyebrows. Iron deficiency also is a cause of thinning or eyebrow hair loss. If you have Androgenic Alopecia, there are human hair eyebrows that you use as you would a wig.

How long does it take eyebrows to grow back

Eyebrow Hair Loss - Reason for Eyebrow Hair Loss

Those that want a little boost in the growth of their eyebrows might be tempted to use Rogaine. Rogaine is specifically for hereditary male pattern baldness and not meant for use on the eyebrows. It does slow down the loss of eyebrow hair however. The best method to regrow the eyebrows is to address the cause of the problem that caused the eyebrow hair loss. Regardless of whether you use methods to stimulate the brow growth like olive oil, brushing or even Rogaine the brow takes about 6 weeks to return . If you’ve over plucked your eyebrows for a long period of time, then you might not be that lucky to re grow over plucked eyebrows .

When all else fails, consider a transplant for your eyebrows hair if the condition appears permanent. Eyebrow hairloss transplants are similar to hair transplants. Speak with your physician about the procedure before you schedule your first appointment. If the condition that caused the original eyebrow hairloss isn’t under control, it may be futile. If the underlying condition is under control, time may be the only thing you need for those eyebrow hairs to regrow.

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